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Our Story

Crafting the Leather for International standards since 1996 from a warehouse in Delhi, India. Rosy Rose® is a tribute to the men behind every bag. It’s not just the basic bag but the handcrafted product of the effort, precision and patience of tenacious workers with the best craftsmanship around the world. The handbags and bags are exported to Russia, Canada, Spain, Kazakhstan and the United Kingdom for 28 years and the legacy continues. India’s renown genuine leather handcrafted bags Rosy Rose® since 2016. The bags are from various base products varying diversified from animals and vegan leather given details and authentic designs of international standards using metallic hardware which are best imported handcrafting tools collected from around the world. It is not just a women’s handbag, laptop bags or wallets but a combination of aesthetics with modern art bags which are stylish and elegant at the same time.

Firstly, a variety of animals as well as vegan leather goes into the making of your bags. Followed by metallic hardware used is imported from best facilities around the world. Secondly raw materials are assembled manually by professional bag makers who have a keen eye to discern the best quality, then cutting the leather and finally finishing the process with stitching the leather manually and handcrafting the detailing and finish to it. Post finishing the manual handcrafted procedure the leather bags and wallet goes through the procedural inspection where if the bag fails to pass it is made to go to the fleshing machine and the making of bag begins from scratch again inclusive of inspection checks.

We collect the best material produced around the world with the best selection of tools to handcraft and add detailing and cutting if leather is used for the fineness of bags. We follow this traditional process of bag making which has kept the art and quality of bags alive so far. The raw material which is assembled manually by professional bag makers who have a keen eye for best quality and detailing to the bag finishing. The leather is cut manually and state of the art machinery handles making use of hand welded chains. Then followed by a crucial part of stitching manually and machines, where the assembling process happens with a metallic hardware. The great products and essentials keeping in mind the usage and ease to carry bags have made us pour our footprints internationally. We believe that when we give our bit to protect nature it gives us back to multifold times.


Over 35000+ Satisfied Customers & Still counting

Legacy, for Rosy Rose®, is engraving our name in the hearts of people while we break the chains of monotony and give wings to originality.

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Detailed Instructions:


The first step is the idea. This means putting pen to paper and sketching out thoughts, usually over a cup of tea.


A mock up of every bag is made to test out the dimensions and refine the design before making the paper pattern.


Pattern making occurs at the same time as prototyping as we refine and improve each design & create a more finalized pattern.


Now for the best part — getting on the tools. A beautiful stitch is a real sign of genuine craftsmanship.